Frequently asked questions

When Was Citypitties Started?

Our Instagram started up in 2014. Followed by our Website, Facebook Page & CP Store in 2015.

How Old is Mia?

We rescued Mia mid November 2013. When we took her to the vet it was estimated she was around 2 years old at the time. Since we do not know her real birth date, we always celebrate her birthday on the day of her Adoptaversary - November 11th.

How Old is Maximus?

Maximus was rescued late February 2013. (So we rescued Max first) He was only about 3 months old at the time. Since we do not know his actual birth date, we celebrate his Adoptaversary instead: February 23.

Maximus ITD, NTD - What Do They Mean?

The abbreviations behind Maximus' name stand for: Intermedate Trick Dog & Novice Trick Dog. They are two titles that he has performed for and earned. He is currently two tricks away from his Advanced Trick Dog title.

How Long Have You Been Raw Feeding?

The dogs have been happily raw fed for the last six years. We tranistioned Maximus at eight months, and Mia at two and a half years of age.